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Hi, I’m Bryan Barrow, the creator of the INDEX CARD PLANNING method for collaborative project planning that I’ve used to help companies of all kinds deliver their projects better, faster or not at all. It’s one of several systems that I devised to help people and organisations to accomplish my personal and business goals and I’m now looking to share these with you.

I can help your organisation cut project planning time and costs by 25%, while improving overall project success rates by 50%. As a result you’ll execute the business strategies that are essential to your future success. If that sounds like something that you’re looking for have a look around this site: read the articles, watch the videos, listen to the interviews. Or, you could just get in touch to discuss your challenges and what help you need.

Whether you want to deliver projects more successfully, build better performing teams, develop real business relationships that are long-lasting and profitable, or develop your own career so that you take on new challenges, I can help you.