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Project leadership expert Bryan Barrow works with Project Management Office (PMO) Managers, Project Directors and organisations that need to deliver more of their projects on time and within budget, so that they achieve their strategic objectives. Bryan is the inventor of the ‘Index Card Planning Method’ of collaborative project planning.

Bryan writes, speaks and consults on business and personal transformation, based both on his 30+ years of experience working in the telecommunication and computing industries and his work as a coach and mentor to both individuals and organisations. For nearly twenty years he has run his own consultancy company which works with both public and private sector organisations, especially in the banking, gaming, healthcare, software development and telecommunications sectors.

Bryan is also an entertaining speaker, facilitator and conference host, with an energetic, confident style. Bryan’s talks are packed with amusing anecdotes that stimulate and educate audiences.  Bryan gives honest, straightforward advice in a no-fluff style, backed up by research, observation and results. Bryan presents information in a powerful, positive way that energises audiences so that they leave motivated, invigorated and eager to put his ideas into action.

Bryan’s most recent book 50 Quick and Easy Ways to Become Brilliant at Stakeholder Management (Thembi Publishing, 2017) argues that Stakeholder Management is a key leadership skill needed for project management success, but that the lack of time and effort devoted to the teaching and practice of Stakeholder Management results in continued project failure.

Bryan’s previous book The Project Planning Workshop Handbook: How to Plan Your Project and Motivate Your Team to Deliver it On Time With The Index Card Planning Method (Thembi Publishing, 2016) argues that projects are more likely to fail – to come in late, over budget, or fail to deliver the intended benefits – than they are to succeed. A major reason for this is poor project planning, a skill which very few people are taught. This book teaches the ‘Index Card Planning’ method.

Bryan is also the author of Record Collecting in the Internet Age: How to Create a Music Collection You Will Love Forever (Thembi Publishing, 2014). In this book Bryan argues that while we are all surrounded by a wealth of music that comes to us from all over the world, we’ve never been poorer, musically, because ofl ow-quality, compressed music, computer generated playlists and record labels that just want to push their latest favourite artists. This book outlines an formula for creating a personal music collection that taps into the physical and psychological power of music to promote wellness.

When he is not working with clients you can usually find him dreaming up new ways to help business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to achieve huge changes in their lives. Bryan’s interests include music, movies, american football and building his own energy efficient off-the-grid home.