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This is where I discuss my own personal projects, and other stuff related to the stuff I am interested in.

My Current Personal Projects

Lose 49 lbs by the end of 2017

I’ve been overweight for all of my adult life. For the most part I’ve been in reasonable shape, so the extra weight didn’t matter. Now it does, so starting on January 1 2017 I’m going to lose weight and get into the best shape of my life.

You can follow my weight loss transformation at (opens in another tab).

  • Update: I’ve lost my first ten pounds, so I’m 20% of the way to my goal and on target. Actually I’m a couple of pounds ahead.

Listen to more of my own music and help others to do the same

They say that vinyl is making a comeback, but they are wrong. Vinyl sales may be increasing but music sales as a whole are declining and that’s not a good thing. I’d like to help change that by encouraging people to buy more music.

Unfortunately I don’t set the best example. Most of my music is stored away and I rarely listen to albums anymore, or even CDs. Instead I do what most do and listen to poor quality MP3s and I end up listening to the same stuff over and over.

So I’m going to work on listen to more of my own stuff. That means recording my own albums digitally, in high quality. I’ll post something once I have more to report.

Write and publish more books

Writing a book isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. For every 100 people who start writing a book only a small number complete it, and even fewer go on to get their book published. I should know, I’m one of them. As of December 2007 I’ve started 14 books, finished four and published three.

This year I’m going to finish books instead of start them. My next book is going to be another book on Project Management – the working title is the Project Manager’s Play Book. It’s about how American football has shaped my approach to managing projects and how my approach can help you..

Travel across the U.S. to watch one American football game each weekend of the NFL 2018 season

American football is my favourite sport and I’ve been a fan since the U.K.’s Channel Four started broadcasting NFL games in 1982. I even played the game for three seasons, if you can call what I did “playing”.

For years I’ve been talking about spending an entire American football season in the U.S following the season. The goal is to arrive at the back end of August, stay for the entire season watching one game a week and sightseeing between games and finish off with the Superbowl before coming home.