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I work with leadership teams that are struggling to achieve their strategic objectives. With my help they go on to reap the rewards from better planning, better stakeholder management, better communication and improved resource management.

My vision is of world where projects are more successful, more of the time and are delivered in record time. I’ve developed several proprietary systems which, when applied create the conditions for rapid, cost-effective delivery.

Index Card Planning

My ‘Index Card Planning Method‘ was born out of this vision. It is a step-by-step process for developing plans and improving collaboration and coordination:

  • Teams assemble, connect and co-create plans in hours rather than weeks
  • Together they develop the blueprint for successful delivery, which leads to increased commitment
  • The joint identification of resources, constraints and potential pitfalls results in a better resource estimates, realistic timelines and improved risk management.

“Great to see a tried and tested structure for putting together a project plan which includes all the crucial elements. Clear, enthusiastic, obvious practical experience.” Laura Parkinson, CPM International”

Stakeholder Management

My approach to Stakeholder Management is another result of looking at the current pitfalls that prevent projects from succeeding, and seeing a solution that tackles the five key factors in failing projects:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Inability to keep up the pace of change
  • Poor collaboration
  • Low levels of commitment
  • Control mechanisms that are ineffective.

“Clear and easy to listen to, easy to understand and visualise turning the theory into practice.” Jo Clarke, Sainsburys

If you need help with a troubled project, are just about to start a new project or would just like a fresh perspective please contact me to set up a call so that we can discuss your needs. In the meantime please feel free to have a look at my project management training and consultancy services, see some of the clients I’ve worked with, read and share my project management articles, watch an entertaining video or two, or download some of our project management templates. Oh, while you’re at it why not buy one of my books, or two?