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What I do

I help your organisation cut project planning time and costs by 25%, while improving overall project success rates by 50%.

How you benefit

Here’s what you’ll do differently after we work together:

  1. You’ll produce effective project plans in a fraction of the time that you currently do, along with more accurate cost and schedule estimates.
  2. You’ll spot problem projects at the planning stage and before they get underway. You’ll cancel them instead of approving them. This will save you money that you would otherwise have wasted on failing projects, leaving you free to invest in other projects.
  3. You’ll only approve those projects which are well planned and have a solid business case. You’ll deliver these because you have better stakeholder engagement and better governance. The benefits you receive from delivering your projects on time means that you are better able to execute your business strategy.
  4. You’ll identify those projects which are worth doing but have significant risks. You’ll develop effective risk mitigation strategies and you will take proactive steps to reduce risks. As a result you’ll spend less on dealing with the consequences of failing projects.

As a result you’ll execute your business strategies that are essential to your future success.

How we do it

  1. We provide project management training, workshops, consultancy and master classes
  2. We help you to cut through the piles of projects in your project portfolio to the vital few that you need if your business is to survive.
  3. As a result you’ll improve team working, boost stakeholder engagement, reduce employee stress levels, sickness and absenteeism, and employee turnover.