Here is a list of websites that I’ve found useful in the past. I tend not to curate this list so let me know if you feel there’s someone that I should add. If you’d like me to add your website or blog to this list please contact me. I don’t guarantee to add your recommendation, but if I like what I see I’ll add it.

Links to project management websites:

Project Management Docs

A great place to find and download free project management templates, particularly if you’re after PMI standard templates.  It also has a good smattering of templates covering different aspects of the software project lifecycle. Remember to mention this one to your friends.

Leadership Freak

If you’re not already a subscriber to Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog you should be.  It’s a great place to read stimulating, thought-provoking articles on the topic of leadership.

Musings on Project Management

I like the variety on John Goodpasture’s blog.  Some things make me laugh, others make me think.  Some are pure gems.

Leadership Thoughts

Martin Webster’s Leadership Thoughts blog is an model in delivering great content through a beautiful user interface.  His is one of the few websites that I’ve been to and instantly recognised through from the design alone.  Not saying that it’s unique or that it can be bettered but just that I like it.  The content is top-notch too!

The Sensible Project Manager

Mark Phillipy’s website is crammed with content covering a range of styles and areas.  You want blog posts?  You got ‘em!  You want podcasts?  You got ‘em!  You want hangouts? You got ‘em!  Well worth not just for the occasional visit, but to join in the conversation.

The Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin’s website is a well deserved award-winning blog.  There’s a wealth of great content here and great insights too.  No matter what your particular interest there is alway something that you can learn from her site.

Virtual Project Consulting

Linky van der Merve’s Virtual Project Consulting website contains a wealth of tips, tools and advice both for those just starting out as project managers and those who have been working in the project management industry

Gina Abudi is the founder of Abudi Consulting Group and one of the PMI’s 50 most influential people in project management.  Her company provides project and strategy consulting services and website is a treasure trove of advice and information no matter what industry you’re in.