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This is how much you could benefit in just a single year*. With additional coaching and support from us you should go on to see returns like this over several years, as:

  • More and more of your projects are terminated early, before they become a drain on your resources, and
  • More and more of your projects are delivered on or under budget, instead of late and over budget.

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The above ROI projections are based on the following metrics for typical portfolios (although the assumptions listed below are ours):

  • 20% – proportion of projects are abandoned before completion (these costs are normally written off)
  • 90% – percentage savings arising from timely termination of poorly-planned projects (assumes 10% spent during planning phase)
  • 40% – proportion of projects that overrun
  • 30% – average overspend for projects that overrun
  • The cost of missed benefits is excluded from the ROI calculation.