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Afraid to admit that you don’t know how to use MS Project?

Become a fearless user of MS Project in just two days. Start every day smiling from day 3 onwards . . ..

MS Project is the most commonly-installed project scheduling tool out there. However, for most people the tool they use most often to plan their projects is MS Excel. It’s true: more people use Excel to plan and track their projects than almost anything else. Often people have MS Project installed but keep on using Excel because “they know how to use Excel”.

That’s why so many people waste so much of their time trying to figure out why their projects are failing. You don’t have to be one of them.


This 2-day course show you how to create an effective project plan step-by-step. It strips away the secrecy surrounding scheduling and shows you how to create a project schedule:

  • Do you struggle when it comes to converting you workshop output into a real plan that people can follow? You may be confident running your planning workshops, but do you get stuck when it comes to taking what you’ve created and using it to manage your project?
  • Would you like to learn how to create stunningly effective schedules in just one day? Once you’ve finished your training you’ll be able to create detailed project schedules in less than one day, that you can use to track progress from the very next day
  • Do you have two days to spare? That’s all it takes to learn how to create a project plan, timeline or schedule that you can use on real-life projects
  • Are you happy learning in a friendly, small-group environment with others just like you? We provide a learning environment where you’ll learn hands-on from start to finish
  • Are you just looking for more than just MS Project Training? If you are looking to know XXXX how to create plans in MS Project why not look at our 2-day Project Planning Training Course or our 4-day Project Planning Training Course
  • Are you afraid of speaking in public? This session involves reviewing and critiquing each other’s plans because the feedback makes the course even more effective. If you would feel more comfortable with a self-paced course then you should try our project planning online coaching programme instead
  • Are you a new or aspiring project manager? This course is not for complete beginners, you will need a knowledge of project management fundamentals in order to get the most from this course. Why not read a couple of projct management books before you take our project management training courses
  • Would you like a foolproof formula for creating a plan that everyone can understand? A common project management mistake is that of having to maintain two plans; one for senior managers and the “real” plan. Both are often wrong and usually out of date. Learn how to create a single plan for all audiences that is always up to date
  • Would you like to learn easy ways to maintain your schedule and update it over time? Whether you use MS Project, Primavera, Planview or other scheduling tools, maintaining your schedule is the key to project control and stakeholder management. Learn how to master both with us.

Give us just two days of your time and we’ll teach you how to create proper plans, like the ones you don’t see people using. Once you complete this course you’ll be in the top 10% for planning skills, guaranteed.   

To reserve your place on our next public training course please fill in the form below. If you would like us to deliver this training course to you and your colleagues please call us on XXXXX XXXXXX or email us.