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Are you anxious at being left behind because you can’t take the time out to learn new skills?

It’s a viscous problem: you would like to progress your career but you need to keep on working. However, for every year that goes by you feel your missing out because you haven’t mastered the skills needed to win that promotion, or do a better job than you do now, or even keep your current job..

If you would like to improve your project management skills but can’t afford to take time off work to attend one of our project management training courses, why not try our online coaching programme instead?

See if online coaching is right for you

  • Would you like to boost your project planning or stakeholder management skills? If you have started to see a difference between the best project professionals and most other people then you’ll know that good projects start with excellent planning and stakeholder management.
  • Could becoming better at project planning boost your career? If you’ve been overlooked for promotion or are looking to round out your skills before taking on a bigger challenge then you may need to become a better project leader. We’ll give you the skills and the confidence to take the next step on your career ladder
  • Do you have commitments that make taking time off impossible for now? If you have responsibilities that make taking time out for training difficult, then our online coaching is right for you. It is just as cost effective as classroom-based training and you will have more time for reflection.
  • Do you have four hours a week to spare? Our online coaching programmes are based around a four-hour per week model. Each week you’ll attend one online seminar, you’ll attend one Q&A session and you’ll have an hour or two of additional reading or homework. You’ll normally be expected to finish your training in 6-8 weeks, but it is entirely up to you how fast you move through our programme
  • Do you prefer working alone to working in groups? If you prefer to work solo, don’t like speaking in public or don’t live close to one of our training locations then choose the online coaching option
  • Are your happier learning at a time that you choose, so that you can fit in learning around work or challenging projects? If you already have a demanding project on the go then taking time out for training means that you may have even more to do when you return to the workplace. By taking the self-paced route you can keep doing your day job but develop skills you need to do it better
  • Do you finish self-paced programmes or do you give up after a few sessions? If you need to be around other people to get the most out of your learning then you should consider one of our classroom-based project planning training courses.
  • Would you like to have training materials that you can come back to if you need a refresher? One of the key benefits of our training is that you have online access to your course materials once you’ve finished. Watch the videos, download the PDFs and listen to interviews, whenever you choose.

If you’d like to get on the fast track to successful project management then you’re come to the right place. Sign up with us and you will be on the road to better project management.